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Ministry of Mould


They say that Knowledge is Power. Find the latest policy, research and guidance on mould and indoor air quality here.
NIH library link

The impact of poor housing and indoor air quality on respiratory health in children

"Exposure to damp and/or mould in the home, cold homes and the presence of pests and pollutants all have a significant detrimental impact on child respiratory health."

Awaabs law consultation

Awaab's Law - UK Government consultation

"Awaab was aged just two when he died in December 2020, as a direct result of exposure to mould"

Asthma and lung UK foundation

Air pollution at home

Excellent general resource for any Asthma sufferers. Find out the common causes of air pollution at home, and how they may affect your lungs or an existing lung condition.

WHO guidelines dampness and mould full

WHO guidelines - Dampness and Mould

This is published by WHO (World Health Organisation) and is comprehensive guide to indoor air quality related to dampness and mould.

UK parliament indoor air quality report

UK Parliament Indoor Air Quality Report

"There is strong evidence for associations between certain individual pollutants and overall poor air quality, with an increased risk of respiratory and cardiovascular illness, cognitive impairment and certain cancers."

DEFRA Indoor Air Quality

An excellent document with details on sources of indoor air pollution plus current guidance on exposure levels for various VOC's, and pollutants.

Understanding health risks of damp and mould

"As this guidance also makes clear, tenants should not be blamed for damp and mould. Damp and mould in the home are not the result of ‘lifestyle choices’, and it is the responsibility of landlords to identify and address the underlying causes of the problem, such as structural issues or inadequate ventilation."

England air quality map

A handy map which shows Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) - areas designated by local authorities and requiring further pollution reduction measures.

Clearing the Air Asthma and Indoor Air Exposures

Clearing the Air - Free Book

A groundbreaking book when published back in 2000, this has great research on the link between air quality and asthma outcomes. Essential reading. You need to sign up for pdf but can read online for free.

Chief medical officers annual report on air pollution

Chief Medical Officers Report 2022

This report is primarily focused on outdoor air quality but does acknowledge that for most people 80% of their time is spent indoors. As a result improving indoor air quality is vital.

IMPORTANT: we are not doctors at Ministry of Mould. The information provided here is for your own research and we cannot comment on any specific health concerns. If you think you may be unwell due to poor indoor air quality or mould then you must speak to your GP or health professional.