Mould Removal Exeter

Our Mould Removal Process

Remove Surface Mould

We start with a localised application of our non-toxic mould killer and stain remover. The area is hoovered with HEPA filters to remove all mould spores.

Fog Entire Property

Next we fill the entire property with a mould killing fog which gets behind, under and inside hidden areas ensuring that all mould is killed.

Protect Surfaces

Our process finishes with an application of an invisible anti-mould surface coating. This gives long term protection to prevent mould returning.

Clean Up

After a final HEPA filter hoover of the property we remove all our kit and leave it ready for you to return. Most treatments are completed in a single day.

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About Us

Ministry of Mould was set up to provide landlords and homeowners with a fast and effective way to safely combat mould. As a father of two children, who both had breathing problems as toddlers, I know very well how mould can cause illness in vulnerable people. I am passionate about ensuring healthy homes across Exeter and surrounding areas.

It is really important to me that our mould removal process uses only non-toxic products so that we don’t introduce more toxins into a home. This is better for the home user as they can return the same day, as soon as we finish, all that is left is a slight acidic smell which fades away rapidly.

Mould Removal Torquay

Our special 3 part mould removal process can completely remove and kill mould in even the worst outbreaks. Don’t take out word for it though – use the sliders below to see some before and after photos of mould removal treatments. 

Before After mouldy bathroom mould removalmould removal from bathroom
Before After Professional mould removalProfessional mould removal service kitchen
Before After professional mould removal rental flatBig mould problem fixed
Before After Mouldy Childs BedroomProfessional mould removal from kids bedroom

Why Choose Us?

Find out why our customers love using us for mould removal Exeter

We finish Mould Removal Treatment The Day we Start

We will remove all visible mould and smells from your property on the day we start work.

Take Steps to Prevent Mould Long Term

We offer PIV and ventialtion installs to improve indoor air quality long term.

Competitive Pricing With No Hidden Costs

You will receive a quote before we start work. Prices are clear and transparent with no dodgy sales tactics.

Safe, Non-Toxic Treatment

The chemicals we use are all 100% safe for humans, pets, kids and food. The chemicals we fog with naturally breakdown after 48 hours.

Detailed Report With All Surveys

All damp and mould surveys include detailed recommendations for the removal of mould and, importantly, recommendations to prevent it coming back again.

99% Of All Mould will Be removed

We use a three part mould removal system to clean away visible mould staining, before fogging the entire property, then applying surface coating film to prevent mould coming back.

We Provide Aftercare

We want to stop the mould coming back. After the mould removal has been completed you will be provided with a bespoke Mould Prevention Plan.

Friendly, Professional Technicians

All of our technicians are chosen for their attention to detail, politeness and professionalism. If we wouldn't send them to our Grandma's house then we wouldn't send them to you.

Client Testimonials

“Cannot recommend Ministry of Mould highly enough. An ongoing leak caused mould to spring up all over our house. Tom came up with a great solution and removed all of the mould quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend to others. ”
Ministry of mould favicon
Emma - Torquay
“Amazing! I didn't think that mould would ever come off. You've got a good system going there. Thank you.”
Ministry of mould favicon
Rich - Builder - Exeter
“Just been over to the house. Thank you for your hard work, it looks really great now.”
Ministry of mould favicon
Deborah - Brixham

Mould Removal Exeter

We offer professional mould removal Exeter, Exmouth, Topsham, Crediton, Ottery St Mary and surrounding areas . 

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