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Mould Tests

Gain insight and understanding of your mould issue with our range of mould tests.

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Do you have toxic mould in your home or workplace?

"The surprising research shows that as many as 50% of residential and work environments have water damage and that mold toxicity should be considered in all patients with any chronic respiratory condition. This is especially true in adult-onset asthma, two-thirds of which appears to be caused by toxins released from water-damaged buildings."

Certain species of mould have been documented to cause illness in building occupants. But how do you know if the mould is potentially causing sickness or if it is something else?

Common health issues associated with mould growth and poor indoor air quality include:

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to detrimental health impacts in children, adults, the elderly and those suffering with asthma. Mould is not the only the cause of poor indoor air quality and that is why we can also test for VOC’s, chemicals, allergens and other pollutants present in your home, office or business. 

Identify moulds


Peace of mind

Mould tests can be incredibly useful for providing guidance and peace of mind. there are two main reasons to test: firstly, when you cannot find the mould in a house, or workplace, but there is a strong suspicion that some hidden mould is present, often due to ill health of the occupants. The second time to use a mould test is when there is a known sensitivity to a specific mould, such as Aspergillus which can cause Aspergillosis, and the occupant needs to know that the building is safe from this. 

Before using mould tests it is important to understand that mould spores are present everywhere in our environment and an air test conducted anywhere is likely to pick up some level of mould. This is entirely natural, without moulds and fungus the Earth would be in real trouble! The problem is when the levels of mould and mould spores become elevated far beyond the normal ecology expected in a building and this is when serious health issues can occur. 

We offer air sample tests and surface sample tests to give a broad range of options. For larger mould issues or for commercial clients we offer on-site mould testing and consultancy services. 

Protect your health


Total Mould Test - Air

From £115.00 - Free Delivery

Test the air in your property for the presence of harmful mould. This mould test gives you a laboratory assessment of the total mould spores and the species types found. Aspergillus sp, Penicillium sp and Stachybotrys sp included.
professional mould removal rental flat


From £95.00 - Free Delivery

The recommended mould test when you clearly have a mould problem but want to know which species is present. Useful for people with a known sensitivity to specific moulds.
spore trap mould testing mould consultancy


From £175 - In-person mould testing

This type of testing is usally carried as part of a comprehensive damp and mould survey or in-depth consultancy work. We can provide a bespoke testing regime suitable for domestic properties, commercial workplaces, offices and factories. Excellent accuracy can be provided for muliple areas.

Mould Test and Surveys

Indoor air quality tests and surface swabs are extremely useful ways to identify any health hazards in a property and can tell you what species of mould is present and how many spores there are. 

When the results come back from the lab they are full of jargon, long lists of latin mould names and big scary numbers – all of which is really hard for the lay person to understand. To help our customers every one of our mould tests include interpretation by an experienced mould surveyor, including a telephone call, to ensure that you really understand what the results mean. 

It is also really important to highlight that a test alone will not tell you where the mould is coming nor is going to clearly explain what you should do to solve the issue. For this reason we offer mould surveys and can carry out testing at a discounted rate while undertaking the survey.  

Our mould surveys include:

  • Visual inspection of mould and water damaged areas
  • Discussion on the history of the building, previous leaks, previous building works etc
  • Thermal imaging survey of the affected areas
  • Humidity readings and calculation on the dew point 
  • Testing any installed extraction or air movement systems for compliance with current building regs guidance as per Approved Document Part F
  • Detailed explanation of the causes of mould and/or damp issues being experienced
  • Mould prevention plan to prevent mould issues occurring 
  • Advice and guidance for mould removal along with quotes as appropriate
  • A written report on the causes and solutions recommended 

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