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Are You Struggling With:

  • Black mould on ceilings and walls
  • Water running down windows
  • Damp, musty smells
  • Regular coughs and colds
  • Asthma symptoms worsening

Then a PIV system could help to clear the air in your property. 

Stop Condensation

Prevent Mould

Low Energy

How Does A PIV System Work

If you have ongoing mould or condensation problems then you may have come across PIV systems as a potential solution. What are PIV systems though and how do they work?

PIV stands for Positive Input Ventilation. The units work in the opposite way to your typical bathroom extractor fan as they push air into the house, rather than pull air out by extraction. This continual, gentle, flow of fresh filtered air reduces the humidity in the property and in turn stops condensation forming so readily. Without the humidity the property will get less condensation and less mould forming. 

The most common cause for mould and condensation to form in any property is a lack of adequate ventilation. There are other causes, such as leaks or flood damage, but for most building users ventilation is the key issue.  The ongoing lack of airflow leads to a build up of moisture in the air which can condense out on walls, ceiling and windows to form water droplets which mould simply loves to grow on. 

PIV systems work by continually refreshing the air in the building with clean filtered air from the loft void (or directly from outside in an apartment). As the air is constant the building is put into a state of positive presssure which leads to stale humid air flowing out through the gaps and vents in the fabric of the building. 

how does a piv system work to stop black mould on windows

Different types of PIV System

nuaire drimaster piv system

PIV systems are units specially designed to remove condensation and mould problems and have been around since the 1970s. As properties have become more and more sealed up with uPVC windows and doors the need for mechanical ventilation has increased. 

The most commonly installed type is the loft mounted PIV system as shown in the picture. These PIV systems sit in the loft and work continually to ventilate the building through a dinner plate sized ceiling diffuser typically installed in the ceiling of the landing. 

We install loft mounted Vent Axia PIV systems across England and Wales. For more information you can download our pricelist by clicking the button below. 

For properties that are flats, apartments, or do not have access to the loft space due to a loft conversion there are wall mounted PIV units that generally go in the hallway or other central area.

These PIV systems are ducted directly to the outside through a vent hole core drilled through an external wall. 

Working out the best location and ducting route for a wall mounted PIV system can be tricky. For this reason every wall mounted PIV installation must have a full survey carried out before we can provide a price. Click the button below to contact us.  

wall mounted piv system for flats and apartments

How We Work

We install loft mounted PIV systems across England and Wales.
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2. Have A Survey

We carry out a survey, either in person or via video call, to ensure that a PIV is the right choice.

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3. Accept Your Quote

Once the survey has taken place you can accept your fixed price quote and get an install date.

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4. PIV System Installed

An experienced NICEIC registered electrician will install and commission the PIV system.

Are PIV Systems Noisy?

A common question or concern with PIV units is whether they are noisy or draughty. Well, the short answer is no, the draught is minimal and noise levels are very low. Check out the video below to see and hear a PIV running….

Our Work

Here are some examples of our PIV installations.

piv quote

Professional PIV Installation

All of our PIV units are installed by professional NIEIC registered electricians and come with a 5 year warranty. 

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