Mould Test - DNA HouseTest Swab

The most accurate DIY mould test you can buy. Find out the exact species of mould present and total number of mould spores.
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This easy to use home mould test gives the accurate information you can get on the mould species present, the total numbers of each type and clues to the location of hidden mould.

It is really easy to use - just wipe the swab along the top of a picture frame, door frame or shelf then put the swab into the prepaid envelope provided.

Potentially harmful mould often grows out of sight in buildings. This means that problematic mould growth can be hard to diagnose conclusively. This DNA swab test for mould solves this problem because it is so sensitive that it can detect the invisible presence of mould spores in a room. By looking at the particular species found it is possible to determine if the mould is likely to be growing behind wallpaper, under floors or behind plasterboard in dry-lined walls.

The sensitivity of these tests can also help show whether mould contamination has invisibly spread from one room to another.

When you place your order the DAN mould test kit will be posted to you via first class UK mail. In the envelope you will find the mould swab kit plus a pre-paid envelope to sent the swab to the independent Danish laboratory.

Price includes the report from the lab plus a further report from Ministry of Mould to help interpret the results.

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