Mould Test - Surfaces

Recommended when you have visible mould and need to know the exact mould species present.
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This mould test is recommended when you want to know what species of mould is present on a wall, ceiling or other surface. This type of test is often referred to as a tape lift sample since it works by gently lifting some of the mould using a flexible plastic microscope slide. The slide then gets sent off to a UK lab for professional analysis of the mould spores present.

The flexible slide has an adhesive area which is used for taking a sample of the biological material or mould present. You simply need to press the slide onto the surface then put it back into the mailing case, ready to send to the laboratory for mould analysis.

This mould test will tell you:

  • If the visible stain or contamination is mould growth or not
  • What specific types of mould are growing
  • If the mould spore population is within a 'normal range' or if you have a skewed population of spores present

The test kit includes pre-paid postage to return your sample to our UK mould lab for testing.

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