Total Mould Test - Air

Test the air in your property for the presence of mould. Provides a laboratory assessment of the types of mould and quantity.
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Brand: Ministry of Mould

The Total Mould Test - Air kit gives you a professional laboratory assessment of the airborne mould present in your building.

The test is easy to carry out yourself and requires no specialist training. For most properties we recommend that you purchase the standard kit with 4 mould test plates included.

Airborne mould is impossible to see with the naked eye. This test enables you to quickly find out if mould is present and, importantly, what species of mould are present inside the property compared with outside. Mould is present everywhere in the environment and it is only by comparing the internal mould levels and species with the outside levels that you can be sure there is a real problem.

The mould test kits require a sample to be taken in each area of concern in the house plus one sample outside. You then pop these samples in the pre-paid jiffy bag and send them off to our ISO9001 accredited lab for analyses by professional mycologists. Once the analyses is complete you will receive a report which clearly explains what mould was found, how much of it and what species are potentially harmful to human health.

This mould test will tell you:

  • If mould is present in the property
  • What types of mould are present and if these are known toxic mould species e.g Aspergillus or Stachybotrys
  • If the levels of mould in the house are significantly higher than the background mould levels outside

The kit includes free delivery to you and pre-paid onward delivery to our UK mould testing lab.

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